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As a curious student of visual art all my life, I discovered my creative calling pretty early. As a kid, I enjoyed expressing myself through drawing and painting. When Photography and Graphic Arts crossed my path in college, this calling only grew louder.

Armed with my camera and graphic design skills, I knew I had found my purpose. My passion for photography and design has really been a dream vehicle where I can balance my creativity while creating an outlet to be of service to others. Ultimately, my motivation of meeting new people and learning how my talents can serve them only solidified this passion. I believe greatness is only achieved by executing your craft to the best of your ability while uplifting and serving others.

But if you really want to know me at the end of the day, I am really just a family man. I love spending time at home with my wife Kris and our twin boys. Raising our boys has been my newest love. Being around my family and my loved ones is something I value greatly and gives me the greatest joy. Being a loving husband and a great dad for the boys--- that's the ultimate goal!

I can’t wait to meet you and talk about how I can help you. I am just an email away. Talk to you soon!



Ann R.

I just want to say I appreciate the time you took to reach out. ...We love your work so much that we continue to use your business. 

What makes your work so special is the quality of work we get in the end. We love the outdoor nature look which is something different than a simple background. The closeness we have as a family to cherish the moment, and take them together. The laughs we shared together taking them, and how you capture all of us holding hands walking through the paths. Each appointment we have had with you, was always a different place we can share our moment as a loving family.

Walsy L.

Our session was perfect - location selection, level of service, chemistry... all of it. Francis is the Mary Poppins of photography. My kids were at ease and did whatever he asked. The photos are wonderful. My only complaint is how difficult he made it to choose between so many beautiful shots. He captured all of their different personalities in different poses from different artistic perspectives. already thinking about more photos in 6 months!

Gladys A.

Taking pics with you feels comfortable. My whole family feels at ease. You totally have the eye for this. Your creative ability shines when somehow you make the most simple spots look like we’re in a completely different state in pictures. I think you’ve shot our family a total of 6x since Hailey was born and each time I’ve had a hard time picking my favorites from the bunch because there were too many to choose from. You’re definitely our go-to photographer and I always look forward to our next shoot!

Amanda L.

Francis is absolutely wonderful to work with. He's done our family photos for 3 years now and I can't imagine hiring anyone else. He is so patient with all of us, gives clear instruction and is incredibly talented. We love how personal he is with us and that he really takes the time to get to know our family.

Natasha A.

You are an amazing photographer with an eye for beauty and catching the moment! We love your work and love that you appreciate taking photos of our family over the years. 

The Asuncion Fam loves your work! My in-laws can’t wait to hang their photos on their wall.

Andy F.

Unique ability to capture the moment when they came to shoot at an Awards Gala at our facility- the pictures came out great!! Already booked a session for family pictures and another two with our team.

Highly recommend their services - having a professional truly make a difference!

“Rest at the end, not in the middle”